Magic Lights

Light in Furniture that inspires.

Why are sunsets so moving and beautiful? Because the entire landscape is bathed in soft, warm colours? Because new lighting moods are constantly created from one moment to the next? Or because we discover the world’s contours in the backlight? We can’t escape the fascination of light. And just as a sunset casts a spell over the landscape, so too can homescapes be orchestrated with a mood that excites.

All you need for this is right in front of you: the Magic Lighting Worlds from Hettich. Discover the captivating panorama of innovative furniture lights and convenient control concepts. Put the right light on your furnishing ideas – with our lighting ideas in your furniture.

Halemeier Magic Light has partnered with Hettich to market its Magic Lights in India. Manufactured in Germany, it has a life span of first 30,000 h @ 70% residual brightness. Performs best for functional lighting purpose post 30,000 hrs (serves only accent (mood) lighting purpose.) All the designs, construction and assembly of these lights are done in-house at Germany. 

Magic Lights

For Kitchen, Living Room and more...

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Types of Furniture Lights

Strip Lights

Uniform illumination of area

Spot Lights

Illumination of most used areas

Linear Lights

Continuous uninterrupted line of light 

Sensor Lights

Controls lights automatically through motion

Special Lights

Special lighting effects

Application of lights in Kitchen

Lights for kitchen counter

Lights for kitchen counter

General type of light here is functional lights, as we need to illuminate the counter suitable for wok in every ambience.
Mainly three solutions can be inferred from our range and application purpose
- Strip lights for uniform illumination of counter, irrespective of the usage of area
- Spot Lights for specific region illumination, generally focusing the most used area like hob, sink and cuttings area
- Sensor based Special lights for eg. cabinetries etc.

Lights for drawer illumination

Lights for drawer illumination

Generally the lights used are functional lights since the drawer needs to be illuminated only when it is opened. The ideal solution would be drawer light with integrated IR Sensor.

Lights for skirtings

Lights for skirtings

General type of light here is Orientation lighting, since illumination is required for highlighting purpose only. 

Mainly three solutions can be inferred from our range and application purposes:

  • Strip lights - For uniform illumination of skirtings
  • Spot Lights - For spot illumination and providing sensors for effects
  • Lights with rated protection against solid objects and water

Application of lights in Bedroom

Application of lights in Living Room

Furniture Light Warranty

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