Terms of Use:
1. Liability

Hettich Holding GmbH & Co. oHG (referred to below as "Hettich") provides "Hettich Plan" for use free of charge.

"Hettich Plan" contents and services have been prepared with the utmost care and are constantly updated to reflect the latest advances in Hettich products. Nevertheless, Hettich is unable to guarantee that the information provided by "Hettich Plan", such as drawings, suggested solutions, parts lists and product details in particular, is correct, complete and up to date. The information provided by "Hettich Plan" must be regarded as being non binding.

Hettich shall only be liable for damage caused by using the information provided by "Hettich Plan" or by using incorrect or incomplete information if such damage is attributable to grossly negligent or wilful action on the part of Hettich, its vicarious agents or legal representatives. This shall not affect claims under the German Product Liability Act (Produkthaftungsgesetz).

It shall be entirely incumbent on the user of "Hettich Plan" to verify that the furniture configured and its components are suitable and appropriate for the intended purpose. The user is entirely responsible for ensuring that furniture is designed in compliance with standards, in particular for meeting safety requirements.

2. Copyrights and other property rights

The programmes, data and images contained in "Hettich Plan" are protected under the law, in particular copyright law, for the benefit of Hettich or of third parties. The programmes, data and images are only freely available in conjunction with using "Hettich Plan" in the proper and intended manner. In all other respects, however, they must not in any form be duplicated, passed on, changed, made publicly available or used in any other way without Hettich's written consent. In particular, it shall not be permitted to incorporate the contents of "Hettich Plan", either in whole or in part, into other web pages without Hettich's consent.