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Kitchen design rises to new heights

Kamat guiding hinge for extra high furniture fronts

Minimalist kitchen design captivates with large surface fronts and few reveals. With the new Kamat guiding hinge, Hettich gives kitchen manufacturers the option of using high furniture doors on refrigerators with fixed door connection.


High furniture doors with few reveals define elegant, purist kitchen design. Photo: Hettich

The Kamat guiding hinge provides opening movement stability for extra high furniture fronts that cover the refrigerator and the storage space above it. It is used for built in refrigerators in combination with Hettich hinges from the K02, K08 and K99 series. The refrigerator hinges and guiding hinge have the same kinematics and produce a well balanced symbiosis: the front is guided and reveal alignment remains stable.

The Kamat guiding hinge is correctly positioned quickly and easily with the drilling template contained in the set.