Onsys Hinge:
Effortless Closing. Exceptionally Silent.

Onsys marks the launch of an entry level hinge with integrated Silent System. The soft-closing mechanism is integrated invisibly into the hinge, which ensures just the perfect closing that one desires. Responding to a mere turn of the hand, doors close smoothly and silently. Pushing doors shut from an exceptionally wide opening angle of 105°, Onsys provides a seamless closing experience. An innovation that is the ideal balance of convenience, functionality and cost.

Onsys Hinge: Features

Wide 35° automatic closing angle: furniture doors always close gently and reliably.

Optimised Silent System performance over a wide temperature range of +5°C to 40°C.

Tested for 40,000 hinge opening & closing cycles.

  • Onsys Hinge

    Onsys is a versatile product that has been aptly designed to cater to all the needs of  modern homes and commercial spaces.

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    Onsys HingeOnsys HingeOnsys HingeOnsys HingeOnsys HingeOnsys Hinge